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Patient comes first.

My goal is to use my scientific expertise in order to offer customized and up to date treatments for my patients.

οφθαλμοπλαστικός - χειρουργός βλεφάρων  Θεσσαλονίκη

eyelid surgery is a very demanding sub-specialty in ophthalmology and necessitates fellowship in oculoplastic surgery within a qualified centre

correction of refractive errors with the use of cutting edge femto second laser technology

modern cataract surgery with premium multifocal lenses 

surgical and medical treatments for thyroid eye disease

eyelid ptosis correction without visible scars

cosmetic treatments with ΒOTOX & DΥSPORT

lacrimal surgery for adults and children

contact - Corfu

I. Theotoki 50, 49132, Corfu

    contact- Thessaloniki

    V.Olgas 196, 54655. Thessaloniki

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