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Cataract and retinal surgery at Corfu

Our team offers safe cataract surgery with the use of cutting edge technology.

Our set up includes the latest system of phacoemulsification (Bausch n Lomb Stellaris PC NG). We also offer surgical treatments for vision threatening retinal conditions like retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage, macular hole, epiretinal membrane and many more. This is a unique service in the Island of Corfu particularly during hard times brought by the pandemic. Our patients are not require to travel in order to receive treatments. This is of great importance for retinal surgery where intraocular gases are used and patients are not allowed to travel by plane or even go at altitude such as a high mountain.

Our equipment includes modern optical  and contact biometry and Leica microscope with capability to support anterior and posterior segment eye surgery.

We use premium products and we offer the possibility of implanting multifocal and EDOFs (enhanced depth of focus) intraocular implants for the treatment of presbyopia.

Surgery is performed as a day case under topical anaesthesia with prompt recovery .

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